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NEET Dress Code 2023 For Males And Females By NTA- JKSA

NEET Dress Code 2023 For Males And Females By NTA- JKSA

NEET 2023 Dress Code: As per the NEET Dress Code 2023 guidelines by the National Testing Agency (NTA), male candidates should wear light-coloured half-sleeve shirts or T-shirts with trousers, while female candidates can wear light-coloured half-sleeve shirts and trousers. Footwear such as shoes, sandals, and high heels are not allowed inside the exam hall. Female candidates can wear only slippers or low-heeled sandals. Details are as below

NEET Dress Code 2023 For Males

The NEET Dress Code 2023 for boys is an essential aspect that needs to be followed strictly while appearing for the NEET exam. According to the NTA guidelines for the NEET dress code for boys 2023, male candidates are required to wear light-coloured half-sleeve shirts or t-shirts with trousers. It is important to note that full-sleeve shirts are not allowed on the day of the examination. Clothes worn by male candidates should be light, and zip pockets, pockets with flaps, big buttons, and clothes with elaborate embroidery should be avoided.

As per the NEET dress code for boys 2023, Kurta Pyjamas and shoes are not allowed inside the examination hall. Candidates are advised to wear sandals or chappals with thin soles. It is important to adhere to the NEET dress code 2023 to avoid any unnecessary hassle on the day of the exam.

NEET Dress Code 2023 For Females

The dress code for female candidates appearing for NEET 2023 is as follows:

Light clothes with half sleeves or short sleeves are allowed. The sleeves should not be big or covering the entire arm.

The clothes should not have any fancy embroidery, brooches, or buttons.

The candidates should wear simple and plain salwar-kameez or trousers and shirt with a dupatta.

Footwear should be sandals or slippers with a low heel.

The clothes should not be too tight or revealing.

The candidates are not allowed to wear any jewelry or accessories like earrings, nose rings, bracelets, etc. However, they can wear a simple wristwatch.

It is important to follow the dress code to avoid any inconvenience or disqualification from the examination

Note: The dress code helps prevent malpractices and cheating during the exam. Any candidate found wearing prohibited items will not be allowed to enter the exam centre. The NEET exam is scheduled for May 7, 2023, and candidates should follow the dress code guidelines printed on their admit cards. Candidates should also avoid any unnecessary hassle by following the NEET dress code.


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