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Pink WhatsApp Scam: Advisory to Protect Yourself From Pink WhatsApp - JKSA

Pink WhatsApp Scam: Advisory to Protect Yourself From Pink WhatsApp - JKSA

What is Pink WhatsApp scam? How to protect yourself if already downloaded

Pink WhatsApp scam

Meta ownedWhatsApp is a widely popular instant messaging platform in India. Scammers and hackers are taking advantage of this platform. Recently, it has been witnessed that WhatsApp users are being targeted by scammers who are spreading a viral hoax message on the platform. The message contains a link to download a fake version of WhatsApp called ‘Pink WhatsApp.’ These scammers are sending the link to numerous individuals, enticing them with the promise of a revamped WhatsApp interface and exciting new features.

Advisory to Protect Yourself From Pink WhatsApp

In a recent public advisory, the Mumbai Police have issued a warning about a viral WhatsApp message called ‘Pink WhatsApp.’ In their advisory, the officials have cautioned people about this new hoax associated with the platform and have urged them not to click on the link or download the app.

“The news about ‘New Pink Look WhatsApp with extra features’ which is recently doing rounds among the WhatsApp users is a hoax which can lead to hacking of your mobile through malicious software. It is not an uncommon instance to see the fraudsters come up with a variety of new tricks and ways to lure gullible users into falling into their trap to commit cyber frauds. It is for the users to be Aware, Alert, and Attentive to these kinds of frauds and remain safe and secure in the digital world,” reads the advisory.

To stay safe from the Pink WhatsApp scam, the police have provided some guidelines for WhatsApp users:

  • If you have downloaded the fake app, uninstall it immediately by going to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp (pink logo) and uninstalling it.
  • Exercise caution and avoid clicking on links from unknown sources unless you have verified their authenticity.
  • Install or update apps only from the official Google Play Store or iOS App Store, or from legitimate websites.
  • Refrain from forwarding any links or messages to others without proper authentication or verification.
  • Avoid sharing personal or financial information, such as login credentials, passwords, credit or debit card details, online with anyone to prevent misuse.
  • Stay informed and vigilant about cybercriminal activities by staying updated with the latest news and updates to protect yourself from fraud attempts.

By following these precautions, users can reduce the risk of falling victim to the Pink WhatsApp scam.

What happens if you click on Pink WhatsApp link

  • The Mumbai Police warns that users who click on the fake link could face various risks, such as:
  • Unauthorised use of their contact numbers and saved pictures
  • Financial losses
  • Misuse of their credentials
  • Spam attack
  • Complete loss of control over their mobile devices.

Notably, The Free Press Journal was the first to report on this issue.


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